Society Rules

Application For Membership

If you would like to become a member of the Wimbledon and District Philatelic Society then please complete and submit the Application Form but before doing so please ensure you have read the society rules.  Abiding by these rules is a condition of membership.

Annual Subscription:  Adults £7.00, OAP £4.50 and Junior £2.00.  Subscriptions fall due on 1st September.

1.  That the Society shall be known as the Wimbledon & District Philatelic Society.

2.  That the objects of the Society shall be to stimulate the collection and study of stamps, and to promote social intercourse among stamp collectors.

3.  That all applications for membership shall be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary, and be accompanied by two references, one of which shall preferably be a member of the philatelic trade, a member of the Wimbledon & District Philatelic Society or the Secretary of a recognised Philatelic Society or Association.

4.  That all applications for membership shall be considered by a Membership Sub-Committee appointed by the General Committee.  This Sub-Committee shall have the right to refuse any application without assigning a reason.

5. (a)  That the membership subscription shall be as determined and agreed from time to time at the Annual General Meeting.  This will date from September 1st annually.  Members elected after January 1st in any year may, at the discretion of the Membership Sub-Committee, be admitted on payment of half the prevailing annual subscription.

    (b)  That Junior Members, under the age of 18 years, shall be admitted at the discretion of the Membership Sub-Committee, and at a reduced subscription to be decided by that Sub-Committee.  Such Junior Members shall not be entitled to vote at any Annual General or specially convened Meeting.

6.  That an Exchange Packet shall be circulated among members monthly, or as circumstances permit, in accordance with separate rules provided.

7.  That the Executive Officers shall be the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Exchange Packet Secretary, Visits Secretary, Auction Secretary and Publicity Officer.  The affairs and business of the Society shall be conducted by a General Committee consisting of the Executive Officers assisted by four elected Committee Members.  Five shall form a quorum.

8.  (a)  That all Officers and elected Committee Members shall retire annually and, if willing to serve and if eligible to do so under rule 8(b), may offer themselves for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, any Member(s) may make further nominations provided these are in accordance with the provisions of rule 9(d).

     (b)  That the President shall only be eligible to hold office for a period of up to three consecutive years, after which he or she shall be debarred from holding the same office for a period of two years.

     (c)  That in the event of a vacancy arising during the year, the General Committee shall have the power to fill such vacancy, subject to the provisions of rule 8(b).                                                                 

     (d)  That the General Committee shall have the power to co-opt as they see fit in the general interests of the Society.  Such co-option may be for a single meeting or such longer period as the Committee may determine.

9.  (a)  That ordinary meetings shall be held monthly, or as an Annual General Meeting may decide, throughout the year from September to June inclusive.

     (b)  That the Annual General Meeting shall be held in June.

     (c)  That at least 21 days notice must be given to all fully paid-up Members of any Annual General Meeting, or a specially convened Meeting.  Proof of posting to a Member’s last recorded address shall be deemed to imply delivery.

     (d)  That motions or nominations, duly proposed and seconded, for discussion at an Annual General Meeting or specially convened Meetings must reach the Secretary in writing at least 14 days prior to such meeting, that the Secretary may have an opportunity of circulating all such motions and nominations to all fully paid-up Members prior to such Meeting.  Alternatively, motions or nominations for consideration at an Annual General Meeting only will be accepted at any time up to or during such meeting provided they are presented in writing duly proposed and seconded and supported by the signature of at least eight other Members.   

10.  That no Member shall be eligible to vote at any meeting if his or her subscription is in arrears.

11.  That the Committee shall have the right to terminate any membership without assigning a reason.

12.  That every Member shall be provided with a copy of the Rules and, on request, with a copy of the last Statement of Accounts.

13.  That the Society may elect a maximum of three Honorary Life Members, such elections being conducted only at an Annual General Meeting.

14.  That an Auditor shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

15.  That Members may introduce visitors at any ordinary meeting, but not at the Annual General or a specially convened Meeting.

16.  That no Member shall be permitted to sell or exchange stamps or other philatelic material at any meeting once the chair has been taken.

17.  In the event of the Society being wound up the funds and assets, after payment of all outstanding debts, shall be passed to the Federation of  Surrey Philatelic Societies, or if that is impossible to the Association of British Philatelic Societies, to be held for up to five years during which time if a new philatelic society is founded in the Wimbledon area such assets and funds shall be transferred to that new Society provided that in its rules there is a similar rule to this rule.  In the event that it has not been possible to transfer the aforementioned funds and assets to a new society they shall become the property of the Federation or Association, as the case may be, for the use of the Federation or Association for the furtherance of philately.

18.  That these rules may only be altered at:

     (a)  An Annual General Meeting.

     (b)  A specially convened Meeting called by the General Committee.

     (c)  A specially convened Meeting  called at the written request of not less than ten Members.